Saturday, March 21, 2015

Record Drought Possibly Record Wildfires

While the wildfires in Oklahoma, Chile and elsewhere are for now being contained other parts of the US are gearing up for what might be a significant wildfire season unlike any recently. While here in Virginia yesterdays rains were welcomed as we have had over 100 fires for a couple of hundred acres this last week. This time of year it  doesn't take long to go from snow and rain to dry "enough" conditions for wildfires.

No Spring Drought Relief for California, Nevada, Oregon

 The spring weather outlook for the west issued Thursday by federal forecasters has a familiar ring to it: continuing drought conditions leading to greater wildfire risk.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast predict drought will persist or worsen in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and western Colorado through June.
"Periods of record warmth in the west and not enough precipitation during the rainy season cut short drought relief in California this winter, and prospects for above-average temperatures for this spring may make the situation worse," said Jon Gottschalck, with NOAA's Climate Prediction Center.

El NiƱo finally arrived in February, but forecasters say it’s too weak and too late in the rainy season to provide much relief for California which will soon reach its fourth year in drought.
Drought is expected to persist in California, Nevada, and Oregon through June with the onset of the dry season in April. Drought is also forecast to develop in remaining areas of Oregon and western Washington. Drought is also likely to continue in parts of the southern Plains.

Drought will continue, increase in wildfire risk
 These two images are of the same boat ramp at Lake Tahoe. Above what it looks like today and the one below shows the lake this same time back in 2012.

Risk of wildfires grows across Wisconsin

Forecasters say drought improvement or removal is favored for some areas in the Southwest, southern Rockies, southern Plains, and Gulf Coast while drought development is more likely in parts of the northern Plains, upper Mississippi Valley and western Great Lakes where recent dryness and an outlook of favored below average precipitation exist.

If you live in any of these areas targeted for an increase in wildfire activity or if you live anywhere where there is a threat of wildfire there ARE things you can do NOW in preparation. Giving YOU, YOUR HOME and YOUR DREAM the best chances possible of surviving the devastation of a wildfire.

 I recently came across what I feel is one of the best if not the best website for information. Although it is from a small county in California the information is invaluable and could save property and lives, possibly yours! GO THERE AND SPEND TIME LOOKING AND LEARNING.                          Then TAKE ACTION.

Thanks Madera County!

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