Thursday, March 26, 2015

Firewise Webinar TODAY !!!!

Planning in the Face of Change;
an Urban Forestry Webinar Series

About the Series

The NC Forest Service's Urban & Community Forestry Program is hosting a series of webinars on five topics designed to educate professionals who have responsibility for managing urban forestry assets. Partnering with the NC State University Forestry & Environmental Outreach Program, the webinars will be accessed through the portal. The webinars will be offered monthly from January to May 2015. Urban foresters, community and civic planners, arborists and urban conservation organizations are encouraged to participate.

Webinar Opportunities

Each webinar will be 1 hour in duration and feature presenters from a variety of land management organizations and educational institutions. Continuing education credits from ISA, SAF and APA are in the process of being approved for each webinar. Participants will join the webinars through the Webinar Portal at


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Urban Interface

Continued development in and around forests, combined with drought, tree mortality and increased fire potential requires careful planning and understanding of people and fire.  What is the Interface and what must be considered when building in the Interface? There are resources and partners focused on the interface.
How do you get firewise?

Fred X. Turck

Assistant Director Resource Protection Division

March 26
2pm EST

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